Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Converted Tristan (Bors)

Just converted a Footsore miniatures Tristan figure to look more Viking than Arthurian. 
I picked him up from Joe on LAF calong with a Reaper Viking (wearing a horned helmet & I love it!)
Just need to fling some paint at him now!
Well it turns out that this miniature is actually Bors not Tristan.
 Bill Thornhill the sculpter has kindly let me know over on Facebook. 
Which I think is really rather cool. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Saga At Ragnarok

On Saturday 7th a few of us had the good fortune to go to Saga at Ragnarok hosted by York Wargames society  . A day of gaming in which we played three different scenarios specially written or slightly tweaked for the event. 
The first two were played against a single opponent, one as defender & the other as attacker. The idea was that we were all on our way to Jorvik to claim the throne. 
The first scenario against Adrian was Hastings 1066 (Sacred ground scenario, where the defenders start on the hill) with Adrian's Welsh lined up along Senlac Hill, with my Jomsvikings running up the hill to kill him!! 
A tall order against Lots of Javelin armed Welsh 🙄  Needless to say I lost that one, but I did manage to kill his Warlord & most of his Hearthguard (which was one of my special objectives) 
It was a really fun game with some atrocious dice rolling from me😂  
Next up was Stamford bridge (Battle at the ford scenario, with a pre-game battle of the Giant Viking fighting the Saxons on the bridge) where I was defending against John (who had organised the event) & his Irish.  This didn't start off to plan as the man in the barrel turned first turn & killed the Viking on the bridge which was hilarious. But after that it was all down hill for John as I made up for the terrible dice rolling in the first game & I just managed to scrape a win in the last turn. 
The final scenario took place in Dark Age Jorvik, in this all the players had a warlord and 2 points of men with the object being to kill each other's warlord to become last man standing & become King of Northumbria.
This didn't quite go to Johns plan as he had decided that you could loot buildings, which meant that they would be set on fire! Yes you guessed it, the whole of York was raised to the ground before the game ended. I tried a stupid move in this game, I'd kept out of the way & thought I could run in & finish off Adrian's new warlord, but he played a sneaky Welsh trick on me and my Warlord ended up been on his own & died very quickly. 
After this Adrian was able to get to the palace (the only building that could not be sacked) & win the day 👍👍
It was a fantastic day & I look forward to next years 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

More Viking Types & a Snow Troll

Well I've finally done some painting & getting back into gaming after real life keeps getting in the way 😡
Any way here's some Jomsvikings & a Priest from Gripping Beast, A female Viking from Bad squiddo Games & a Snow Troll from Heresy



Thursday, 22 October 2015

More Oshiro model terrain buildings

I have finally got round to finishing two more buildings from 
I plan to use these with my Home Guard, for invasion scenarios. 
These are the Victorian terrace with shop front & house with arched ground floor. 
The shop sign is a home made decal & the buildings are painted
with the same Techniques as for the Warehouse

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Empire of the Dead Victorian Fire Engine

Well, I've just finished the Empire of the Dead Fire Engine.
This is another commision for Adam.
First heres the pictures:

The base is home made, i got a ply-wood base
cut by a guy on eBay & 
sculpted the blocks from Milliput.
I was originally intending to make some decals
for the sign writing on the side of the wagon,
but that didn't go to plan!
So I ended up having to paint it on, I'm fairly happy with it,
but would have prefered it to be a decal.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

A Quick Ramble

Well it's been nearly a year since I last posted anything, I don't know where the time has gone!
There' not been much painting at all from me since the last post (I still haven't finished the Boy Scout!)
We've all been bitten by the X-Wing bug in our house, so that's all the kids and me have  really played.
I will update more frequently now as I seem to have found my painting mojo again



Thursday, 11 December 2014

Converted Boy Scout Runner

After reading some time ago about Home Guard Units using Boy Scouts as Runners for sections I thought that it would be nice to have a few available for my Army & as no one makes them I needed to make some! 
I have managed to get a couple of the fantastic plastic Desert Rats from the Perry's from Duncan (dijit) over on LAF & Some of the Lemon Squeezer hats directly from Perry Miniatures to have a play about with & see if I could convert them to Boy Scout Runners.
I had read all-over the net about how small these miniatures were & I thought that as they were already in shorts it would be a doddle to convert them.
Any way they aren't as small as I thought & are of a similar height to the Perry sculpted Wargames Foundry WW2 range, but they are thinner build (as in more true proportioned) so I had more to cut from the figure than I thought I would!
Below is a picture of the Prototype showing the cut points in blue.
I just cut the plastic & trimmed sections out with a hobby knife at the marked points & glued it back together using plastic-weld some of the joints have been strengthened with super glue. I added a Knecker from green stuff & the Stave is a bit of a paper clip. I trimmed round the puggaree on the hat to make it thinner like the ones on the Scout hats.
Boy Scout from the Opposite Side
Next to a Foundry Commando (Going to be part of the Auxiliary Section) to see the size difference. I think that he could pass as 15 to 17yr old.
I hadn't intended to use this one & just use it as a prototype, but I'm please with how he turned out so I think I will chuck some paint at him & see how it looks.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Home Guard Transport

Well nothing for 6 months then two posts in one day!!
Here's a 30cwt Truck from Force of Arms now produced by Warlod Games & infact,releasd today!
It's for some much needed transport for my Home Guard Army.

The Lettering and logo are home made decals,
that I drew in Autocad & printed on decal paper purchased from Ebay.


Blimey I hadn't realised that it was May when I last posted!!
Well I've not really done much since then, Life seems to be getting in the way.
I had a fantastic time at the Grand Melee & managed to win best painted army, which was nice.
I've not painted much over the last few months apart from these Empire of the Dead Figures for Adam & a truck for my Home Guard which I will try to get a picture of.
Not the best picture as my 4yr old decided to break my lamp & I still haven't managed to replace it (I was probably due a new one as it was 20yrs old!!)

Friday, 16 May 2014

Vikingr with Dane Axes

We've recently been playing Saga again 
& have signed up for the UK Grand Melee to be held at
 Firestorm Games in Cardiff on June 7th & 8th.
I thought that there would be more people going & it was touch & go for a while
whether it went ahead. but all is good & its happening so get signed up for it.

Anyway, I've never been truly happy with the Viking board,
so I thought that I would give the Jomsvikingr a go & I've really enjoyed
playing them. I like the challenge of getting the wrath built up
to get some really devastating abilities. I've found it fun to build the wrath up & make all these plans & been too dopey to realise, that when I use the abilities the wrath is decreasing all the time, so that when combat ensues there is only 1 or 2 wrath so I don't get all the attacks that I thought I would!!!

I needed some Dane axe armed Vikings & as look had it I had 5 Gripping beast figures & managed to cadge some more off Jim (who has a great new Blog) so I now have a unit of 6 Hirdmen (Jomsvikings) with Dane Axes.

Here's a picture, I'm not too sure about the one with Blond hair though,
I think he looks a bit too much like Richard Branson!!

Anyway hope you like them.
Cheers Keith